Coburn Huff Photography

I was born in 1985 in Springfield, Missouri.  My family moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1987,  where I attended grade school and high school.  After high school I worked for my fathers sound and lighting production company (JTH Productions) for 10 years.  While also honing my photography skills under portrait photographer Andrew Kilgore,  in July of 2012, I moved to Denver, Colorado, to further pursue my photography career.  I chose Colorado for its lush landscape and bustling city life which plays host to many great artists and creatives.  

 Working in live production for so many years helped develop my photography immensely,  from trouble shooting equipment problems, personnel, to knowing what equipment is best for the job.  It is paramount to my process that every image is executed in the most precise and creative way possible given various subjects and lighting.   If this means scaling a 30 foot tree to get the right angle, or waking up before the sunrise to capture the correct light in my mind for the image, then I am highly motivated to carry out these sometimes laborious tasks for the integrity of the image. 

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